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Shogun Social Media Competition.

Shogun Fight Gym is excited to announce our latest competition for all members, giving you the chance to showcase your creativity, skills and love for the sport! Submit your very own 3 x 1 minute video compilation of your training sessions at our gym to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes!

To be eligible for the competition, make sure that your video meets our requirements: it should be high-resolution, feature English titles and headers, and be in compliance with copyright infringement rules. Each video must not exceed 1 minute in length and should feature Muay Thai, BJJ or Boxing for bonus points.

We're also happy to announce that including Coach Shahri in your submission or filming all 3 classes in 1 single video and without disrupting the class will increase your chances of winning!

If your video is chosen as the best, you'll have a chance to win some fantastic prizes, including free monthly membership packages and cash prizes.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

First place: 3 Months Free Membership + $300 + Fight Gears

Second place: 2 Months Free Membership + $100 + Fight Gears

Third place: 2 Months Free Membership + Fight Gears

We're thrilled to collaborate with Venum Fight Gears and Honey Badger Fight Gears to bring you this exciting competition. So grab your camera, showcase your passion and send it over to us before the end of July 2023!

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