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We appreciate your decision by supporting Shogun Fight Gym. As a Gold/Premium/Sponsorship members, you get to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, which includes:

- Unlimited access to all classes, allowing you to diversify your fitness routine.
- Access to the gym's facilities after office hours for open mat usage.

We hope that these perks add value to your gym experience and encourage you to reach your fitness goals. We appreciate your continued loyalty and support as we strive to provide the best gym experience for our members.

Open Mat / Self Training


Disclaimer & Rules

We appreciate your membership with our gym and would like to request that you strictly adhere to the house rules to ensure that all members have a comfortable experience. Failure to do so may result in penalty fees or a temporary ban from accessing our facilities after office hours.

House rules (Minor)

- Do not waste electricity unnecessarily.

- Do not eat in the gym and clear all rubbish after usage.

- If you spill your drinks, its your responsibility to clean it.

- Please WhatsApp 89442205 before coming for your self training. Please Proceed with or without our acknowledgement.

House rules (Major)

- Do not bring non members/Friends to enter the gym. ($50 Fine)

- Do not allowed regular members to enter the gym after you enter. (After office hours)

- Other members are not allowed to hold or use your card to enter the gym.


- You are not allowed to enter the office without permission. (CCTV INSTALLED)

- Unauthorized entry for other using your card or Shop lifting will be reported to the police.

We understand that the rules can at times be inconvenient, but they have been put in place for the safety and comfort of all members. We kindly urge you to observe guidelines such as cleaning up after yourself, not tampering with equipment, and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the gym.


- CCTV are operational 24hrs

- Our CCTV has motion detection, we will know if you enter the gym or any rooms in the gym.

- Do not change in the gym premises, change any form of clothing in the toilet.

Thank you for your cooperation in creating a positive gym environment that we can all enjoy. Should you have any questions regarding our rules, please do not hesitate to reach out to a gym staff member for clarification.

How Do I Start?

Step One


Tap Your Access Card

(Front Door Only)

Step Two


Make sure the back door is close at all times

(Unless going to the toilet)

Step Three


Exit Button (left)

Waiting room switch (Right)

If you don't need it. don't turn the light on.

Step Four


Do not touch the switch on the right*

Switch on the aircon, make sure the setting is set to COOL

Step Five


Switch on the light on the right only for the main room

Step Six


Wave to the sensor for Power

Our CCTV is run 24hrs

8 best cctv camera for home with mobile connectivity ci1694609050746_edited_edited.jpg

No funny business.

Police will be called.

No Second Chances.

Step Seven


Remember to switch off the aircon & lights after your training session.

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