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Muay Thai & Boxing Pad Works Only

Muay Thai / Boxing padwork only refers to a training technique in which a fighter focuses solely on hitting pads held by a trainer or partner, without engaging in actual sparring or combat. It is a fundamental aspect of Muay Thai / Boxing training and helps fighters improve their striking techniques, accuracy, speed, timing, and combinations.


The trainer will hold various types of pads, such as focus mitts, Thai pads, or body shields, and the fighter will strike them using punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Padwork allows fighters to practice offensive and defensive techniques in a controlled environment, allowing them to develop their skills before applying them in a real fight or sparring session. It also serves as a conditioning exercise, as it requires intense physical effort and repetition of techniques.

No beginners are allowed to booked Shogun's Padwork only class. a minimum of 8 Muay thai / Boxing lessons are needed before you can opt in for padwork only class,

Our Padwork Classes only consist 3 to 5 x 5min rounds. no Actual lessons will be conducted for this sessions. an entire session will only last 15 to 30min max. Great for people who has a very busy schedule but would still like to keep fit.

Padwork Classes

Padwork Coach


Coach Shahri

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