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A resistance band is an alternative training tool for a greater range of motion than normal weights. More and more people are turning to resistance bands because they deliver effective and full-bodied strength training while reducing injuries at the same time. Using resistance bands can increase your punching power. By resisting your muscles as you contract them, they force those muscles to work harder and grow strong. Because they lend themselves easily to the task, many people use them in conjunction with punching motions.

Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program and come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths. Just like free weights, exercise bands come in a range of resistance levels, from highly stretchable to heavy-duty strength. A typical piece of equipment for many boxers is the resistance band. It provides elastic or hydraulic resistance for the purpose of strength training. Not only does it develop the strength and size of skeletal muscles, but working on the resistance of your arms will help with the motion that’s involved while throwing a punch.

Being able to land a punch before your opponent is probably among the biggest advantages in boxing. A split second difference can make all the difference between raising your hands in victory and picking yourself off the canvas. If you weren’t born with speed, you need it. Even if it’s not part of your style, you still have to master it.


A resistance band consists of a strong rubber tube with handles connected to each end. To use one, you grip one handle and use the other to anchor the tube in place. As you stretch the tube, the rubber resists your motion. You can also wrap the tube around an anchor and use both handles, either in one hand or with one in either hand.

For greater resistance, you can use stronger bands or combine multiple bands for the same exercise. Resistance bands apply a constant force as you’re throwing punches. This constant resistance allows you to build speed and explosive power throughout the whole movement.


Using the speed bands while training for boxing can dramatically improve the strength in the legs, hip, and core regions.

Speed Bands target the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the hamstring, quads, glutes, and core muscles to make you a faster and more powerful fighter.

Powerful punches come from the legs and hip region. The main advantage of the speed bands in boxing is that they can be worn during training and sparring to ensure the leg muscles are conditioned for the various movements that the sport requires. A strong core and balance are vital for success in the boxing ring.

The main advantage of boxing resistance bands is that they can be worn during training and sparring to ensure the leg muscles are conditioned for the various movements that the sport requires. You can simply give your legs an excellent all-round workout by wrapping a strap around each leg and attaching the resistance bands. As you perform work out with the boxing bands, feel your core muscles working with every movement you make.


Anyone who has ever been inside the ring recognizes the significance of the neck. It is inevitable that all fighters will eventually get hit. Even the best defense will not deter all incoming shots. With that in mind, a strong neck can certainly help to absorb some of the hard beatings. Yet, recognizing the importance of the neck does not always equate to making time to train the neck. One of the most effective and convenient ways to train the neck is with a resistance band. They allow you to train the neck in multiple directions. Plus they can be easily packed in a gym bag.


When it comes to training for punches, resistance bands have the advantage that they can closely follow your arm’s motion with each punch. The grip lets you hold your hand in a proper fist, and you can move in and out of the punch easily. If you think toned arms and a shredded upper body are the main components to delivering a powerful punch, you haven’t scratched the tip of the iceberg. To deliver a stronger punch, you need to develop your entire body and get comfortable with striking mechanics. However, throwing hard punches with accuracy is tough against a moving target. Huge punching power is useless if you cannot hit your target.

Very little of the power in a punch comes from the arms. Resistance bands offer versatile ways to train for upper-body strength, helping to tone arms and build muscular endurance through repetition. For boxing-specific resistance band training, you can purchase a pair of gloves with tubes attached to them, allowing for exhaustive punching workouts. Punching with the bands will increase the strength in your arms, shoulders, core, and back – key components to delivering a powerful punch.


Knowing how to throw a punch properly with added power is important not to only get your opponents respect, but to also maintain balance and positioning to set up your next punch or to move away. However, there are many better choices for the task. Because you have to anchor them, they don’t let you move around while practicing your punches.

When you throw a punch, you want your arm to be relaxed and more like a whip as opposed to being tight and pushing instead of punching. You also want a full extension of your arm and once you’ve achieved this, you want to pull your arm back as fast as possible to throw the next one or defend yourself.

Being able to punch in context is essential for learning how to punch.

More importantly, resistance band training only builds your arm muscles, representing only a fraction of the muscles needed to throw a punch.

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Expanders are a very cool thing. I've been boxing since I was 8 years old. I'm 20 now. I stopped doing it 2 years ago and was a master of sports. Now I decided to start a YouTube channel where anyone can learn to fight and even become a boxer. I give the basics and so on. At first, the channel did not grow much, but when I found out about Movavi and that it was free, multifunctional and practical, I began to work wonders in it. I figured it out in just 2 days. The pitch changed and that was the main problem.

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