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Ju-Jitsu Bullyproof Kids.

Empowering young minds and bodies through the art of Jiu Jitsu

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Ju/Jiu-Jitsu Bullyproof is a program created by the Gracie family to teach children how to deal with bullying situations. The program is designed to empower children with the most effective self-defense techniques against bullies. The techniques taught in this program are not based on punching and kicking, but instead focus on grappling and leverage techniques, which allows a smaller and weaker child to defend himself or herself against a larger and more aggressive bully. In addition to self-defense techniques, the program also teaches children communication skills, confidence, and character development, which aim to create “bullyproof” children who are able to stand up for themselves and others in any situation. During class, children are paired with a partner of the same age and skill level, providing a safe and controlled environment for them to practice techniques. An instructor is present throughout the entire class to provide guidance and support.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Booking can be made 4 days before Class Schedule Cancellation 3 hours before Class Schedule Latest booking 2 hours before Class Schedule Do Not Attend if you have no bookings or under waiting list without approval. you will be sent home! MIA or No Show will be charge a penalty fee of $5

Contact Details

  • 701A Yishun Avenue 5, Singapore


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