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The Venum Boxing Hand Wraps are a decent option in traditional style wraps.

They are available to you in two different lengths and a plethora of color options. Having a choice in length is not something we always get with products in this category and it makes it easy to find your perfect fit.

Keeping your hands in great condition is imperative in your performance during activities like boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and other mixed martial arts disciplines that involve striking.

Our hands have many tiny bones that are truly susceptible to breaks and fractures when we participate in combat sports. Wearing an excellent pair of boxing gloves is a good start. However, adding a pair of boxing hand wraps under them will give you better protection, support, and alignment not only during training but also during competition.

Consumers have noted that this option is fairly breathable as compared to others in the same category. This is an obvious advantage when you are spending long sweaty hours training in the gym or at home. The material used is not quite as stretchy as others. This is a benefit to some people as it reduces the risk of overtightening your wraps.

On the whole, consumers are pleased with this product and feel it is a pretty good option in terms of under glove wraps.

BRAND The Venum brand has been working on leading the market of fight-related clothing, gear, and equipment for almost fifteen years. Consumers across the globe I've been coming to this brand more and more because they offer good quality equipment at exceptionally reasonable prices. Their customer service is decent and will work with you to try and solve any problems that you have. In the beginning, they focused on fight gear like gloves, punching bags, apparel, and other high-impact sports options. As their brand continues to grow, they started to add other products. You will now be able to find items that you need in relation to routines for CrossFit, running, and a plethora of other fitness products. This brand will continue to grow and expand their lines to suit the needs of an even larger variety of people. We are excited to see what they come up with next. With dedication to research and development, we are certain that we will see cutting edge products from this brand.

MATERIAL These wraps are made from 100% cotton. They offer a bit of stretch but not nearly as much as compared to Mexican style hand wraps. Cotton is a fairly durable material that is, in general, pretty easy to care for. It is quite soft and will improve the level of comfort you have while wearing them underneath your gloves. The only other real materials used in this product are limited. There is a patch which shows the Venom name and logo. Then there is the piece of velcro used to secure them in place. It has been noted from consumers that they feel the piece of velcro is smaller than it should be. They believe if it was a bit bigger you would experience better adjustability. All of the materials used in this item are of good quality. It is important to note that there has also been concern over the stitching quality. Consumers have noticed that around the Brand's logo and the stitching on the velcro is not always as tight as it should be. This could lead to limited use of this product as the velcro may separate from the wraps completely.

SIZE Oftentimes when you purchase hand wraps they are only available in one size. Obviously, this can be a major problem depending on how big or small your hands are. These wraps make it easier to find the perfect size. They are available in two different options to accommodate a larger variety of fighter's needs. They are available to you in a two and a half meter length which works out to just over 98 inches. The other size option that is available to you is 4 meters long this works out to just over 157 inches. Most people find that 157-inch wraps are plenty to accomplish what they need, in terms of wrapping. It is important to note that traditional wraps are at their longest, 180-inch. For those of you that have exceptionally large hands, you may not find that these ones offer enough length to give you the wrap you are looking for. Overall, customers are satisfied with the options they have available to them. Keep in mind that if you have a youth fighter the smaller size that is available maybe exactly what you've been looking for.

DESIGN Venum has designed these wraps like a traditional style boxing wrap. Consumers have mentioned several times that these wraps are a bit more narrow than what you may be expecting. While for many, this is no problem at all others feel that it does decrease the overall quality of the item. With the different size options, you'll be able to find the length and fit that you prefer. This item uses a thumb loop and it's designed to guarantee a secure wrap that will not slide out of place in the middle of your routine. They are made not only to support and stabilize your wrists but add some protection to your fingers, knuckles, and hands. The structure and design of this product are exceptionally simple and one that we come to expect when looking at a traditional under-glove boxing wrap. Overall, customers are pleased with the length, design, and thought that went into this product.

BREATHABILITY The level of breathability that you get with these raps is excellent. Consumers have mentioned frequently that they were impressed with how well these wraps breathe. The fact that they are made of cotton is what makes this possible. Cotton is known for its lightweight nature and excellent breathability. When you have better airflow to your hands they will be cooler and more comfortable even during the sweatiest training sessions. Whether you are working in the ring, on a heavy bag, with a speed bag, or sparring with a partner you will have better comfort from the breathability that these wraps offer. There has been mention of the fact that the material used in this item is quite thin. The thin material also plays a roll in the overall airiness and breathability that this set of wraps offers. People are truly pleased with how well these breathe as compared to other products in the same class.

CARE When caring for this product you will want to be kind of careful. As with all one hundred percent cotton items the fear of shrinking is a real thing. You will want to avoid putting these in the dryer at all cost. If you do put them in the dryer be prepared to lose some serious length. Consumers have mentioned that the material also becomes quite wavy after going through the washer. This can make it difficult to roll them up and apply them correctly. Once they come out of the washer you will want to lay them out flat to dry. This will help them not only maintain their structure but also their shape. If you decide to go the route of hand-washing you will still want to make sure to lay them out to dry. If you hang them they may stretch or warp. Overall, they are not terribly difficult to care for. You will simply need to be careful and pay attention to them to ensure they maintain great durability, size, and shape.

ADVANTAGES Wearing hand wraps under your gloves come with some great advantages. They provide you with extra cushioning between you and whatever you are striking. This extra layer of protection will make it so that your hands and wrists take less shock. When you experience less shock you will also experience less pain. Wearing wraps underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves also provides excellent stability through your wrist. When you are first learning how to throw a punch proper wrist alignment is imperative. Without it, you could sustain unnecessary injuries. Wearing wraps will absolutely help keep your hand and wrist in the correct position to ensure that you don't have to worry about brakes or fractures. One of the biggest advantages of this product, in particular, is the fact that it is so breathable. Boxing and mixed martial arts are sweaty and hard, to begin with. Adding an extra layer can lead to more discomfort throughout your routine. The breathability of these helps this, on the whole.

DISADVANTAGES We were actually surprised at some of the negative aspects of this product. This brand is known for having good quality items so some of these issues are not typical. Many consumers have complained about having stitching issues. This is especially true where the velcro is attached to the wrap itself. Now, if you have the ability to sew and it becomes unattached you can simply resew it. This is not an option for many people and will require them to replace it. As with most other wraps, the colors May bleed when you put them in the washer. You may want to rent them really well before washing them. Another aspect that is not the best in regards to this item is the width of the material that they use. It is quite a bit more narrow than others and it is not an aspect that customers like. The only other thing they are showing concern about is with the durability of the velcro. This goes hand-in-hand with the inferior stitching in this area. It is important to note that not everybody is having issues with the stitching of this product. We mention it because it does come up fairly frequently in customer reviews.

VALUE The people using this product feel as if it is a decent value. The price tag that is associated with it is more than reasonable. However, it is important to note that depending on where you buy them and what size you buy the price can vary quite a bit. Regardless of this, all of the prices associated with this item will fit into most budgets exceptionally easily. A big part of the reason that consumers only feel that this is a decent value are the disadvantages associated with it. We have all come to expect a bit more out of this brand so the fact that there are durability issues has a pretty big let down. Overall, they are a solid choice in hand wrap and they are extremely inexpensive which is why so many people are continuing to use them. They do offer several features that are better than others. This goes for things like breathability. You could certainly find other options that will last longer and are easier to care for for about the same price but you really aren't going wrong if you decide to go with these.

BOTTOM LINE Whether you are just starting out in your fight training or if you have been at it for years, adding a pair of under glove wraps is advantageous. They provide you with better support, structure, and alignment. This will ensure that you continue to feel great throughout all of your training sessions.

When your body feels good you can continue to work long and hard in the gym to improve your overall performance. You will get good color options and great length options when you decide to go with this product. As mentioned, there are some disadvantages that come along with this product that you may not see in others. However, all products have a downside. In general, consumers are very happy with their purchase of these wraps and feel they are not only comfortable but also quite supportive. We do believe that this brand has a bit of work to improve these wraps, however, you will likely be satisfied with their performance, overall.


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