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Affordable but never allow concession on the quality, that is the "Challenger" range!

These shin guards are perfect to protect your shin and foot, with an incredible ergonomy wich permit to deliver strong kicks! 

Sizing recommendation:

M: Weight: 120 lbs to 155 lbs | Height: 5'4" to 5'8"

L: Weight: 156 lbs to 190 lbs | Height: 5'8" to "6'1"

XL: Weight: 191 lbs to 250 lbs | Height: 6'1" to 6'4"

Shin measurement - from the top of the foot to the top of your shin (just below the knee):

M: up to 14 inches

L: between 14 inches and 14.5 inches

XL: above 14.5 inches

Shogun Competition Shin Guard

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